A P R I L : F A N T A S Y

Astro City: Life in the Big City| Kurt Busiek, illustrated by Anderson & Ross

Genre: Graphic Novel, Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Publication Year: 1995

# of Pages: 192

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Google Books:

Welcome to Astro City, a shining city on a hill where super heroes patrol the skies. Each chapter in this collection is a standalone story, highlighting different aspects or characters in the Astro City world. The city’s leading super hero tries to be everywhere at once, and berates himself for every wasted second as he longs for just a moment of his own. A smalltime hood learns a hero’s secret identity, and tries to figure out how to profit from the knowledge. A beat reporter gets some advice from his editor on his first day on the job. A young woman tries to balance the demands of her family with her own hopes and desires. Despite the fantastic settings, the characters in these slice-of-life stories feel like real people, and that gives the stories real power.

Personal Reaction

I loved this book. It made me want to go out and buy the rest of the volumes in the series, which I will hopefully do in the near future. I loved how each chapter acquainted the reader to a new superhero while tying in the main story of good ol’ Samaritan. 

There were some characters that I wish had more background because they were introduced under the assumption that the reader knew about them already, which doesn’t really make sense since this is the first volume in the series unless this series is a followup to another…. My theory is that these characters will be further explained in subsequent volumes. I’m hoping. 

My favorite characters in this book were Samaritan and Winged Victory, simply because I see myself in both of them. Samaritan (top right) is a hard worker and strives to be everywhere at once to help someone in need. Winged Victory (bottom left) is a prominent superheroine in the Astro City world, ‘motivated by a powerful desire for social justice and self-sufficiency for women’ (quote source).

I placed the above sentences in bold in the synopsis because it is true: Life in the Big City illuminates the fact that no one is perfect, not even a superhero. There’s no doubt in my mind that you would be able to relate to most of these characters. 

Remember this?

Remember this?

Me:There are so many books I own that I want to read
Me:There are so many books that I don't own that I want to read
Me:-cries a little-
Community Service

Vacuumed a house for battered women and children, and then walked some adorable dogs at the Humane Society. Some were reluctant to return to their kennels and kept hanging onto me :c oh puppies… I wish I could take you all home.

Oh, and I also played with some cats. I stuck a little leash in between their cages and they went wild x)

Mint Honeydew Kombucha Smoothie 
Full day already and it’s not even 9am. Made this #smoothie from kombucha, avocado, honeydew, kale, and mint. It tastes like summer in a cup.


Mint Honeydew Kombucha Smoothie 

Full day already and it’s not even 9am. Made this #smoothie from kombucha, avocado, honeydew, kale, and mint. It tastes like summer in a cup.

Book Cake Tag!

The Book Cake Tag is all over Booktube so I thought it’d be a fun tag to transfer over to Tumblr. 

This tag was created by suddenlylorna

The first ingredient in making a cake is FLOUR:

This is the book that was slow to start, but really began to pick up as you went along.

  • I would have to go with The House at Riverton by Kate Morton. Very slow in the beginning which was off-putting to many readers, but I was totally invested in the story when the plot started to thicken.

Next, we add MARGARINE:

This is the book that had a really rich plot.

  • A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. EVEN THOUGH that book made me furious a number of times, it had such a moving and well-written plot.

Then, we crack open some EGGS:

This is the book you thought was going to be bad, but turned out to be quite enjoyable.

  • I’d have to go with a couple of overly-hyped books, TFiOS and The Book Thief. I didn’t think they were going to be bad, just thought they wouldn’t live up to the hype. However, I found myself enjoying both thoroughly.

The next step is to add SUGAR:

What is the sweetest book you’ve read?

  • Hmmm… I don’t read many nice and sweet books so I’d have to go with The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. OHHH, Hannah’s Dream by Diane Hammond was a really great animal novel. 

After we’ve retrieved the cake from the oven, ICING covers the surface:

This is the book that covered every single moment you enjoy in a book i.e happy, funny, sad moments. An all-around book

  • The Help by Kathryn Stockett

For decoration, we add a dash of SPRINKLES:

A book series for a pick-me-up

  • Harry Potter series all the way :) so glad I got around to these

Last but not least, we’ve got the CHERRY ON TOP:

What has been your favorite book so far this year?

  • Oh gosh, I’ve read some really outstanding books this year. It’s going to be hard at the end of 2014 to pick a favorite! For this question’s purpose, I’d have to go with….. Unwholly by Neal Shusterman. That series.. cannot wait to read more of it. 

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So sad.

Siiighh.. had to factory reset my phone because it wouldn’t let me access my texts and kept freezing… I did every trick in the book to try to not resort to factory reset, but in the end… goodbye everything.


books. paris. sigh, i die.


books. paris. sigh, i die.






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Want all of the above.


Edward Gorey (1925 - 2005)



Edward Gorey (1925 - 2005)